Items of Disneyland interest

During our most recent visit to Disneyland, we noticed three interesting things. Have you ever noticed these before?

Strange Sign

While aboard the Mark Twain, we noticed this sign on shore:

We had never seen this before, and weren’t able to locate it from the ground when we returned. Can anyone tell us what “The Olden Rseshoe” is or what the sign is supposed to refer to? It’s probably some kind of obscure inside reference, because it’s a complete mystery to us!

Revealing Call Board

In the queue for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin we noticed this rather telling sign:

Read the listings carefully. For all of us who have been wondering for years exactly what kind of animal Goofy is supposed to be, this sign clearly lists “Dog Tricks — Goofy”. So sure enough, Goofy is a dog! Take that all who thought he was a weird hybrid long-eared chipmunk!

Wacky Warning

By far our favorite little treasure that we saw for the first time was this “government mandated” sign on the wall in the lobby of the Blue Bayou:

We blew up part of the picture so you could see the detail, but for those without squint-o-vision, the relevant sentence reads, “[Pregnant women] should also limit their consumption of other fish, including Nemo”!

Wow, those Imagineers really know how to hide little treasures where you’d least expect them!

2 Responses to “Items of Disneyland interest”

  1. Noremac says:

    The top picture obviously is referring to the long-forgotten ride idea: the Olden Urseshoe. As you can see, there is a ‘u’ blocked by the flag. The Olden Urseshoe was based off the ancient Californian legend of the Olden Urseshoe, an ancient shoe only worn by bears (hence ursus). The ride went swimmingly until guests complained about the excessive noise, bad smell, and occasionally being mauled by a bear on the ride. Imagineers must have re-opened it! What a treat! If we’re lucky, they fixed that awful problem of the wafting “bear smell”!