Cars Land restrooms

Because of a media embargo, most Disney-related websites are unable to report on Cars Land until on or after its official opening on June 15. We at, rebels that we are, are under no such embargo. So we begin our exclusive coverage of Cars Land with one of the attractions that the embargoed sites dare not discuss until Friday: the Cars Land restroom.

Cars Land is exceptionally well themed, and its new, extensive restroom complex is a perfect example of that. The signs directing “traffic” to the “rest area”…

Signs for Cars Land restrooms

…are meticulously detailed and weathered. They really make you want to go to the bathroom!

The restroom complex itself…

Cars Land restroom exterior

…is tastefully set back from the road and themed like the restrooms of a 1950s diner. As the sign advertises, each restroom is equipped with an ATM and telephones. The man in this photo is apparently taking advantage of an open-air urinal, which, although innovative, makes us a little uncomfortable so we were unwilling to approach to learn more about it.

Inside the restrooms, the Cars Land theme stretches in every direction. For example, check out the floor tile:

Cars Land restroom floor tiles

See the long, white rows of rectangles with the four dark-blue squares adjacent? They’re little stylized limousines! And the light blue squares form wrenches, like might be found in an auto-repair shop. How clever!

Believe you us, if you’re in Cars Land and have need of a restroom, this is definitely the place to go. No pun intended!

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