Buena Vista Street restrooms

The time has come for us to fulfil our promise of giving you all the details of the new Disney California Adventure attractions!

We’ll start off with the wonderfully redone and thoroughly redesigned Buena Vista Street restrooms.

The Buena Vista Restrooms are no longer the main attractions (as they were in the old Sunshine Plaza), but they are still prominent and easy to locate on the right-hand side as you enter the park. The restroom complex has two entrances, one for men…

Buena Vista Street restroom entrance: Male version

…and another for women (which is very similar other than the signage, but which we were unable to photograph without inadvertently looking creepy).

The restrooms are clean and well maintained, and their overall mood of lightheated fun is set by delightful, slapstick signs such as this one:

Wacky Buena Vista Street restroom signage

Our only complaint is that the commodes are a bit too tall for the average American, and the toilet paper is mounted too low on the walls. For this reason, children have a tendency to fall in, and adults tend to get leg marks all over the toilet paper. But aside from that, it’s a true wonder of restroom technology!

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