CALIFORNIA for rent!

As part of the massive remake of Disney California Adventure, the gigantic “California” letters that once graced the park’s entrance have been removed. Instead of tossing the letters into an industrial shredder, locking them away in the company’s massive “history vault” salt-mine bunker complex, or disposing of them on Craigslist, Disney has made them available for rent to any business or organization that might have a use for them.

Said someone in a green visor from an accounting department, “Disney’s parks department has to look for new, non-traditional ways to earn cash. In the past, they’ve just raised admission prices whenever additional finances are needed, but some guests — particularly those for whom ‘renewing my annual pass’ is swiftly becoming synonymous with ‘giving up regular meals’ — have started to notice.” Renting out old equipment could go a long way toward helping Disney reach its financial goals.

The word-rental program was an instant hit for the company. Even though the prices are steep and don’t include shipping, numerous companies have signed up for their chance to display the letters at their business or event. Some participants include:

  • Corporate design firm A Flair Icon
  • Manufacturers of the Facial Iron wrinkle-removing device
  • Anti-discrimination hotline Racial Info
  • Anti-government-brainwashing headgear makers Crania Foil
  • Makers of Farina Coil, “the spring-loaded breakfast”
  • Airfoil Can spray airplane surface repair
  • Orca Finial (an architectural design firm specializing in sea-themed ornamentation)
  • The A Frail Coin antique and collectible coin shop
  • Owners of the Falcon Air I stunt jet
  • Organizers of Coal Fair, Indiana

It’s not clear why any of these groups would want giant “CALIFORNIA” letters, but if their business helps DCA stay afloat, we’re all for it!


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