Today, the cast members working on the redesign of the entrance to DCA’s Hollywood Studios (formerly Disney/MGM’s Hollywood Studio Backlot) removed the two elephant statues that stood atop the land’s entrance pedestals. These elephants, inspired by the family-friendly classic movie Intolerance (catch the 3D director’s cut in theaters now) were deemed intolerable and tagged for elimination.

The Hollywood section of DCA has seen many changes over the years, from its origins as the home of Superstar Limo (“Almost half as good as that old mine-train ride at Knotts, but not quite” — Los Angeles Times), to its years as “home of an outdoor stage, an indoor stage, another indoor stage but with a movie screen, a closed attraction, a closed show, a closed restaurant, another closed restaurant, and a neat attraction with no visible external signage,” to its glorious current incarnation as a vibrant, expanded land with a neat night-time party venue, tracks for a miniature railroad (opening in June),  and only two large seldom-used buildings. We’re sure even more wonderful changes are in store!

As for the elephants, they are being sent across the plaza to Disneyland for a quick (and well needed) dip in the elephant bathing pool. After they have been given time to dry, they will be painted pink and shipped to Florida a decoration for the Magic Kingdom’s new “double Dumbo” attraction.


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