2012 DisneyLies Photo Trivia Quiz

Welcome to the official 2012 DisneyLies Photo Trivia Quiz!

Many of our readers think that they are the cream of Disney fandom — experts in mouse ears, if you will. Well, this quiz will separate the Ludwigs from the Donalds and the Dopey’s from the Docs!

Below are 18 photos of a detail from some Disney-related place. Each was taken in a Disney theme park or resort in the United States, but other than that, we aren’t giving you a single clue. We won’t even tell you when they were taken!

Think you can place them all? Share your answers in the comments and compare scores with your friends!

  • If you don’t get any right, you’re a Disney-mal failure!
  • Score 1-10 and you’re Cinderella before the ball!
  • Score 11-15 and you’re in the Emperor’s groove!
  • Score 16-18 and you’re a rockin’ Rocketeer!
  • Score 19+ and you need to take remedial math!

Good luck!

Animal Kingdom birdBlizzard BeachColumbiaEpcot France pavilionHotel gazeboIndiana JonesEpcot Italy pavilionDisneyland Jungle CruiseLiving SeasMagic Kingdom Jungle CruiseMagic Kingdom Main StreetMagic Kingdom PiratesGrand Floridian monorailDisneyland castle swanDisneyland PiratesDisneyland Skull RockStorybook Land Canal BoatsTom Sawyer Island


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