Little Mermaid (part 3)

Finishing off our tour of DCA’s Little Mermaid attraction…

Kiss the girl

The “Kiss the Girl” scene is nicely done but very inappropriate. Major organizations (such as No Contact Before Marriage and the Defense Against Cooties Foundation) agree that explicit depictions of smooching may border on life scarring for children below voting age.

Creepy shadows

The actual kiss is depicted in silhouette form. A bit of trivia: this gigantic animated silhouette was cut from a single piece of black construction paper by the nice lady who makes silhouettes on Main Street.


In the back, there’s a little reference to Syndrome from The Incredibles. What’s up with that?

King Triton

Ariel’s dad, Neptune, is totally ripped. This kind of idealized body image is what gives feelings of inadequacy to so many adolescent mermen.

Married mermaid

The final wedding scene is cute, but the prince shows his lack of thespian experience by always looking right at the camera.

Mystery boxes

There’s a mysterious cabinet visible near the end of the attraction. If we are interpreting the markings correctly, this is a storage space for both the original manuscript of The Little Mermaid and Hans Christian Andersen’s head.

Mermaid treasure!

As you exit, notice the sea chest with the gigantic lock. It’s obviously full of treasure, but they don’t let guests have any. This is grossly unfair — teasing, really — and it left a bit of a sour taste in our mouth, which was unfortunate as the attraction had otherwise been so nice. (Also notice the attraction’s final hidden Mickey. Seriously — enough already!)


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  1. Normy says:

    What’s up?? No posts since October?! What gives? This used to be one of my favorite daily blogs… 🙁 I hate seeing sites like this just die from stagnation.

  2. Mike says:

    Loved the book and loved getting blog posts in my inbox. When will you be doing more blog posts?

    Speaking on behalf of me and absolutely no one else,… we miss you.