Carnation Plaza

On our recent visit to Disneyland, we stopped by Carnation Plaza Gardens, which Disney recently announced would be plowed under and replaced by a new area dedicated to princesses.

After a great amount of soul searching, we have decided that this is a horrible, horrible idea that amounts to bringing Walt Disney back from the grave just to plunge a fist into his chest and rip out his beating heart, put a tiara on it, and make it stand in line for an hour to get the Little Mermaid’s autograph.

To substantiate our position, we offer as assistance this photograph, which we took during the day at a randomly chosen moment:

Carnation Plaza

Click on the picture to see it even bigger.

We’ll wait while you do that.


Okay, good.

Do you notice what we noticed? That’s right — Carnation Plaza Gardens is exactly, precisely perfect just the way it is. Look at the picture: There is literally nothing in the picture that is the reason this beloved, pristine, uncluttered area should be destroyed.

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