Legoland Disneyland

The Lego Group announced in a press release today that, after months of intense inter-lawyer negotiations, they had secured rights from Disney to build an all-Lego replica of Disneyland in Legoland California’s “Miniland” area. The 1:20 scale park will include representations of all major attractions, many mechanically animated scenes, and humorous details such as Lego churros, minifigures with wheelbarrows full of money approaching the ticket booths, a Lego wampa standing in for the Matterhorn yeti, and suicidal-looking parental minifigs in the Brobdingnagian Dumbo queue.

Said a thermoplastic injection molded Lego representative, “Disneyland is said to be built from fantasy and dreams, and we are happy to report that, in 2012, we will demonstrate that it can also be built from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The Legoland Disneyland Miniland will have all the ‘lands’ of the original Disneyland, including an Adventureland Miniland, a Frontierland Miniland, and a Miniland Fantasyland with an enormous miniature castle. One of the Legomasters even put a little Lando Calrissian minifig near where they have the Jedi Training show, as if, after touring the galaxy, Lando had landed in Legoland Disneyland Miniland and planned to be on hand at the unmanned Tomorrowland bandstand. Isn’t that grand?”

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  1. LEGOFAN Numero Uno says:

    Your cheesy web site is full of dishonest falsehoods! LEGO is rightfully and dutifully written in ALL CAPS as any monkey in a hat knows even as the smallest child. You have insulted LEGO and the glorious mysterious geniuses from foreign lands who invented LEGO and deserve to be disassembled with a dull brick separator to death!!!

  2. LEGOFAN Numero Uno says:

    Update: Also, you are ugly.