Google Driverless Car project and Disneyland

Just this morning we learned from a press release published on an old Selectric II by a neighbor of ours that we’ve never seen in daylight that Google is going to be bringing the Google Driverless Car project to Disneyland for public testing!

According to sources, in early 2012 Google’s intelligent-car technology will be retrofitted into several Autopia cars, increasing their safety standards a thousandfold. A person in a nice shirt standing outside the Team Disney building in Anaheim tells us:

The Google-equipped cars will use sonar and lasers to detect impending collisions and, if need be, disable or punish offending drivers. They will also be capable of automatically applying the brakes or gas to avoid rear-end collisions — a problem so frequent on the Autopia that there is a separate division of Disney’s legal department dedicated to handling related complaints.

Because they automatically avoid collisions, Autopia vehicles will be able to move much more quickly with complete safety. They will achieve scale speeds of upwards of 90 miles per hours, and even at that velocity will be able to corner like they’re on rails. Ride duration will be lowered from just over 5 minutes to less than 30 seconds.

Ultimately, all Autopia vehicles will be fitted with Google Driverless Car technology, rendering Autopia drivers redundant — and no Autopia drivers means no line for the Autopia! One of the biggest bottlenecks in Tomorrowland will be eliminated just like that! If all goes well, every Disneyland attraction will be made riderless within the next five years. Can you imagine — even the Matterhorn and Space Mountain will be so free of guests that you’ll think they’re Winnie the Pooh!

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