Massive Disneyland Attraction Database

As a sort of apology for the current logjam in getting content onto this blog, we have decided to give our loyal readers access to the Massive Disneyland Attraction Database — the system that we at use to track, compile, digest, store, and retrieve enormous amounts of information on the Disneyland resort! We’ve been putting it up piece by piece over the last few weeks, and feel that it is finally ready for Disneyfan consumption.

The database has four main sections:

  • The main database. This is a repository of attraction information, with complete attraction descriptions, trivia, and touring advice for every significant attraction in Disneyland.
  • Automated Touring Planner. Just input the date of your visit and select the type of touring plan you’d prefer, and the ATP will give you a detailed breakdown of exactly how you should spend your day at Disneyland.
  • Surveys: Compiled data from huge numbers of surveys on a number of Disney-related topics, such as favorite animated characters and best fan web sites.
  • Other items: A compilation of information that did not fit elsewhere in the database, ready for you to use as a handy reference. Be sure to check out the massively exhaustive list of the best Disney songs (in order of popularity).

If you think that any of this sounds like something you might find on another Disney-fan web site, you are sorely incorrect. The MDAD was created over many years by a massive team of expert programmers and statisticians, and it is smart enough to scour the web for additional information and update itself every single microsecond of every single day (aside from July 17, which it takes off as a national holiday). In fact, information is updated so quickly that a page may change from minute to minute — try refreshing a page and maybe you’ll catch an update!

(Note: Although the database boasts an average reliability index of 102%, we have had some minor problems recently with the human language process interpreter, so you may see the occasional glitch. But even if you do, rest assured that the underlying data is entirely pristine and accurate.)

Be sure to let your online and offline friends know about the new database and leave comments in this post if you have any suggestions for improving it. We’d also love to hear your success stories related to using MDAD information on your next Disneyland visit. Enjoy!

Massive Disneyland Attraction Database:

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