We’ve got some medical issues going on in Chez Disneylies, so it’s still going to be a bit before we can start posting regularly again, but we wanted to make sure that our readers are aware of the problems Disneyland will likely be experiencing this weekend due to “Carmageddon”.

Carmageddon is the name that has become associated with the closing of a section of California’s freeways this weekend as part of construction that is intended to (eventually) help increase the flow of traffic from Ventura County and points north to the Disneyland Resort, and prepare infrastructure for next year’s opening of Radiator Springs Racers in DCA’s Cars Land.

This closure of a portion of the planet’s busiest freeway may cause massive traffic delays. In particular, waits for the Autopia may be several hours long, with some experts predicting the queue may stretch as far as Fort Wilderness. Traffic on the Disneyland Railroad and Monorail are expected to increase as guests seek alternate modes of transportation, and guests who reach the Autopia but decide not to wait may swell the queues of second-choice Tomorrowland attractions (Innoventions is not expected to see any increase in traffic).

Disneyland management is suggesting that guests visiting the park this weekend be prepared to spend a little more time. Said one manager speaking on condition that we not reveal that he will soon be exercising his stock options, “For the comfort and happiness of all, Disneyland recommends that all guests buy their entire families premium annual passes and book a week-long stay at one of the Resort’s fine hotels. Stay as long as you are financially able and enjoy!”

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