Undead Disneyland

We know it’s still a long way to October, but we couldn’t resist passing along this interesting bit of information that we happened to overhear from someone at Disneyland in nice clothes and an official-looking hat. Apparently, this Halloween Disneyland will be going all out to try and compete with Knotts Scary Farm, Universal Halloween Horror Nights, Legoland Minimassacre, The San Diego Zoo: Poachers Unleashed, and Six Flags Magic Mountain of Noise and Unruly teens. How will they do it? With a special, after-hours, hard ticket event in which Disneyland becomes Disneyland Demised — the realm of zombies!

The festivities will begin after sundown, with Main Street filled with fog and populated by undead versions of all your favorite Disney characters. Special merchandise (half-eaten Mickey-ears hats, meat pins, etc.) and treats (such as the turkey leg/churro combination churroleg) will be available. But the biggest treat will be the attractions, almost all of which will have some kind of zombie-related overlay!

We have to admit that some of these don’t sound like much more than the original attraction with the word “zombie” plugged into them, but we’re sure the list will improve as Imagineers further develop the concept. From what we were able to overhear, the attraction lineup is as follows:

  • Disneyland Railroad through the Zombie Canyon and Unextinct World dioramas
  • Main Street Cinema of Dr. Caligari
  • Main Street Vehicle Fatalities
  • The Disneyland Story Presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Zombie Hunter
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro-Zombie Blasters
  • Finding Nemo’s Grave Submarine Voyage
  • Thriller Tribute
  • Space-Zombie Mountain
  • Planet Terror Orbitor
  • Autopia Death Race
  • Deadoventions
  • Zombie Survival Training Academy
  • Snow White’s Zombie Adventures
  • Pinocchio’s Zombie Journey
  • Dumbo the Undead Elephant
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train of the Living Dead
  • Mr. Toad’s Zombie Ride
  • Alice in Zombieland
  • Flesh-Eating Tea Party
  • Peter Pan’s Flight from the Evil Dead
  • Sleeping Zombie Castle
  • The Former King Arthur Carrousel
  • Disney Zombie Princess Fantasy Faire
  • “it’s a zombie world”
  • Matterhorn Deadsleds
  • Storybook Land Fatal Boats
  • Big Zombie Mountain Railroad
  • Pirate Zombie’s Lair on Headless Tom Sawyer Island
  • Zombie Shooting Exposition
  • Sam Raimi Riverboat
  • Sailing Ship Corman
  • Big Boomstick Ranch
  • The Shambling Horseshoe Stage featuring Boot Hill and the Hill Booties
  • Ash’s Treehouse
  • Shawn of the Jungle Cruise
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: World War Z
  • Walt Disney’s Reanimated Tiki Room
  • Zombies of the Scaribbean
  • Haunted Mansion Resident Evil (with a special Pet Sematary tour)
  • Dawn of Splash Mountain
  • Night of the Living Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey 28 Days Later
  • Plan 9 from Minnie’s House
  • Goofy’s Charnel House
  • Marvel Zombies’ Boat
  • Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse of Horror
  • Roger Rabbit’s Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became a Mixed-Up Car Toon Spin
  • Gadget’s Go Back to the Grave Coaster

And after you’re done playing, make sure to stake out a place next to the red-running Rivers of America to enjoy a special presentation of Brainstasmic!

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  1. Derick says:

    Not unlike the last Pirates overlay, this one is receiving a LOT of backlash. The entire community of Disney fans are split in Civil War-like fashion over whether the new animatronics in Zombies of the Scaribbean are considered ‘pirate zombies’ or ‘zombie pirates’

  2. Jay says:

    No mention here made of “Startled Tours” — which, according to my friends in Glendale, purports to take you on a peaceful space flight… until up to 54 possible combinations of undead aliens start suddenly crashing into your vehicle, in eye-popping 3D! Rumor has it that each trip also randomly selects one lucky passenger to be turned into a zombie mid-flight.

    On another note, why no updates lately?

  3. *single tear drop* says:


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