Disneyland Tour: Candy Palace

Disneyland Tour: Candy Palace

In terms of customers per square foot, Disneyland’s Candy Palace has been the most popular shop on Main Street since the interactive Intimate Apparel Shop closed in 1956. It often has to stay open up to two hours longer than the rest of the park just to deal with the massive press of customers who can’t even comprehend leaving the park for the day without some handmade peanut brittle, a bar of chocolate, or a giant Lollypop-Guild-style lollypop (even though the Lollypop Guild was in The Wizard of Oz which isn’t even a Disney film).

Guests standing beneath the Candy Palace’s awning may notice the subtle scent of peppermint or vanilla. This scent is piped in from gigantic tanks of compressed scent back stage and helps give the Candy Palace’s regular guests their bright aura of joyful, nostalgic addiction. People noticing this scent and wondering where it came from led to guests saying that around the Candy Palace something wonderful was “in the air” — giving birth to the popular phrase.

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