Disneyland Tour: Carnation Café

Disneyland Tour: Carnation Café

The Carnation Café is a restaurant specializing in sandwiches, soups, and salads made with locally grown carnations. It is unique among Disneyland restaurants in that it is the only table-service restaurant without a roof (which is why some aficionado scallywags refer to it as “the topless restaurant on Main Street”).

Here’s a trivia question you can try on your friends who claim to be Disneyland experts: Can you list the eight Disneyland restaurants that have an accent in their name? Answer:

  • Carnation Café
  • Bengal Barbecü
  • Café Orleans
  • Blü Bayou
  • Stage Door Café
  • Village Haüs Restaurant
  • Tíki Juice Bar
  • Rédd Røçkett’s Pïzza Pœrt

(Note that the Bedouin Bakery — commonly misspelled with an accent — not only doesn’t have an accent, but it’s in DCA, not Disneyland.)

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