Disneyland Tour: Custom watches

Disneyland Tour: Custom watches

At this desk, Disney artists create customized watches for guests who are willing to pay a little more to have a timepiece created to their specifications. Customization options include:

  • Size : micro, mini, women’s, men’s, pocket, bedside, rapper, grandfather
  • Case : in a variety of styles and materials (e.g. silver, gold, copper, platinum, radium, teak, and ancient petrified Frontierland redwood)
  • Works : battery powered, wound, self-winding, solar, fuel cell, atomic, or hybrid (with a selection of gear types and arrangements)
  • Hands : in more than two thousand styles, including equal-length, backwards-running, and made-of-string
  • Face : any text you desire within the limits of taste and intellectual property law, and your choice of Disney character or characters in the position of your choice drawn (whenever possible) by the animator that made that character famous on the big screen
  • Number style : Roman, Arabic, binary, hexadecimal, Atlantian, invisible, or braille, in any font desired (other than the Disney Corporate Font©)
  • Cover: plastic, glass, crystal, or diamond; hinged or unhinged; in a rainbow of colors from completely clear to goth-friendly impenetrable black
  • Band : cloth, kevlar, or any of a variety of leathers (cowhide, goat, calf, kid, snake, alligator, lizard, muppet, duck)
  • Presentation : bagged, boxed, gift wrapped, framed, misplaced

Depending on the options chosen, production time for a custom timepiece varies from as little as 30 minutes to as much as forever.

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