Downtown Disney 3D surprise!

Remember those “magic eye” pictures that were so popular in the 1990s? The ones that, if you stared at them just right, turned from graphic noise into a three-dimensional picture? Well, Ariel — an observant DisneyLies reader — sent us this picture taken from within a Downtown Disney bathroom stall, and guess what she found?

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That’s right –although there really isn’t enough resolution in the photo to do it justice,  it’s clearly one of those magic eye puzzles built right into the pattern on the inside of the bathroom doors!

According to the Ariel, in order to see the image you have to stand (or, if you’re too tall, squat) with your nose just four or five inches from the panel. Then cross your eyes ever so slightly, as if you were trying to focus on something about a foot away on the other side of the door. It helps if you don’t blink and ignore people banging on the door asking what’s going on in there.

In three or four minutes, the surprise picture should appear like magic right before your eyes!

Ariel said that after a little trying she was clearly able to see the image of Mickey Mouse in Sorcerer’s Apprentice garb, standing atop a mountain, commanding the waves below! Just like in Fantasia 2000 3D!

Go ahead and give this a try yourself. If you can’t make it work, you are likely not trying hard enough, are in need of a visit to the optometrist, or are trying this in Florida instead of in California. Let us know what you see!

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