Disneyland Tour: The view down Main Street

Disneyland Tour: The view down Main Street

Looking down Main Street, it’s impossible not to feel drawn deeper into the park by the majestic majesty of Sleeping Beauty castle. For reasons known only to himself and his psychotherapist, Walt Disney referred to such visually compelling structures as “weenies.”

As originally constructed, Disneyland had a weenie for each land visible from the park’s hub. Fantasyland had the castle, Tomorrowland had a massive moon rocket, Frontierland had the Mark Twain sailing the Rivers of America, and Adventureland had a rock in front of a public restroom. Over the years, only Tomorrowland’s weenie has been updated (currently, the Astro Orbitor obscures the view of the Observatron which replaced the Rocket Jets that blocked the view of the moon rocket that has been replaced with a scale reproduction of itself).

Such tricks of crowd psychology were (and are) very important to Disneyland planning. For example, did you know that:

  • Disney emergency vehicles are slightly off red so as not to induce as much panic.
  • On days when the park is particularly crowded, cast members are required not to yell “Fire!” if there isn’t one and they’re not setting off a cannon.
  • The water in the Rivers of America is dyed red so that when it reflects the sky it appears a calming green.
  • Rooflines are set atop buildings so that guests have to look up to see them.
  • Every cast member has his or her own distinct scent.
  • Churros seen in mirrors may be larger than they appear.

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