Disneyland Tour: Gas lamp

Disneyland Tour: Gas lamp

In keeping with its turn-of-the-century theme, all of Main Street is lit either by gas lamps or Edison-style light bulbs of hand-blown glass. At one time, old Diogenes the lamplighter would walk down Main Street each evening, lighting the gas lamps one at a time and interacting with guests saying he was “just looking for someone with character.”

In Diogenes’ absence, the lamps would be lit by Inferno, the fire breather from the Mickey Mouse Club Circus. Unfortunately, rising costs and a push for a new contract from the lamp-lighters union eventually led to the cancellation of this time-honored tradition. Today, the lamps are lit with a burst of high-intensity laser light fired from the top of the train station. It’s a high-tech solution that’s quick, inexpensive, and hardly ever blinds anyone.

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