Disneyland Tour: Mailbox

Disneyland Tour: Mailbox

There are two mailboxes in Disneyland’s circular town square, each serving half the park. In the old days — when correspondence was slow, had no character limit, and always included vowels — these mailboxes were quite popular. They were so popular, in fact, that they were run by the U.S. Postal Service from an office in Coke Corner’s basement and Disneyland had its own Zip codes (including separate ones for the parking lot and Walt Disney’s office). But then there was a big kerfuffle. Some politician somewhere got it in his head that Disney, as a private business, should not have a postal station all to itself, since that (ostensibly) made it appear that the Postal Service endorsed Disneyland (which, like everyone else in America at the time, it did).

That was the end of that. The Post Office pulled out, the mailboxes were taken over by Disneyland cast members in a lavish ceremony, and guests reacted to the terrible news by writing fewer and fewer letters while in the park. Today, the Main Street mailboxes are used primarily by people over 80 handwriting cards to illegible addresses, morons inappropriately disposing of litter, and obsessive compulsives who brought bills with them to work on while vacationing.

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