Disneyland Tour: Entrance gift shop

Disneyland Tour: Entrance gift shop

Just to the left of the entrance tunnel exit is a small gift shop which originally catered to those who want to get their souvenir and gift shopping out of the way immediately but who lacked either the foresight or the patience to stop at the newsstand before passing beneath the berm.

At one time, this was a prime spot to purchase Disneyland postcards, as made famous in the classic Disneyana book, Disneyland the Nickel Tour (later revised as Disneyland the Dime Tour, Disneyland the Two-for-a-Quarter Tour, Disneyland the Sawbuck Tour, Disneyland the Fifty-Cent Tour, Disneyland the Dollar Tour, and Disneyland Tour Cards: No Longer in Production). Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of e-mail, Facebook, and telephony, postcard sales have hit rock bottom. For a short time around the turn of the century the entrance gift shop attempted to cell Disneyland e-mails instead of postcards, but the enterprise was a massive failure (largely because guests couldn’t figure out where to put the stamp).

Current plans are to keep this particular gift shop closed until postcards come back in vogue. If you happen to see it open, immediately buy everything they have as proof that you witnessed such a rare event.

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