Disneyland Tour: Show schedule

Disneyland Tour: Show schedule

Although most attractions at Disneyland operate continuously from park opening (a notable exception being whatever attraction it is that your child has his or her heart set on riding, which is closed for refurbishment), some shows and special events are available only at certain times during the day. Without a show schedule you will not know when to arrive at the Golden Horseshoe to not find a seat for Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, what the best time is to begin listening to your children complain about sitting at the curb and asking when the parade is going to start, or whether you should stake out a place for fireworks and fight the crowd to see Fantasmic!, or set out a blanket along the river and leave Fantasmic! half way through the climax to battle for a good fireworks-viewing spot.

Show schedules can also tell you when and where high-school bands and musical groups you’ve never heard of are playing, how much earlier the park will be closing than you realized, and where to stand for an hour waiting for your child’s thirty seconds of quality time with a beloved character who will leave for a break just as you reach the front of the line.

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