Disneyland Tour: Maps in many languages

Disneyland Tour: Maps in many languages

Next to the left entrance tunnel, there is a rack providing guests with park maps in a wide variety of languages (including Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Toonspeak, Legalese, Braille, sign language for the deaf, and pictographs for the illiterate and babies). If you do not remember to pick up a map here, didn’t purchase a travel package that included a map with its paperwork, are morbidly afraid of speaking with cast members, and neglected to get a map at the entrance turnstile, they are available at City Hall, at the Guided Tour Pavilion on the way to City Hall, in a dispenser in front of City Hall, or in a stroller left outside by someone visiting City Hall. Maintenance cast members also pick up maps that they find scattered around the park, re-fold them, and keep them in a “map holster,” ready to be given to a new guest.

Interestingly, some of these foreign-language maps have not been updated in years (they indicate the location of Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen and remind guests that they will not be admitted if they have “hippie hair”). Even so, guest services reports that not a single overseas visitor has asked to fill out a map complaint form (available in English only).

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