Disneyland Tour: Left entrance tunnel

Disneyland Tour: Left entrance tunnel

There are two entrance tunnels into Disneyland: a left tunnel, through which all honest, upstanding, true Disney fans enter, and the lesser, more disreputable, right-hand tunnel, which we aren’t even going to lower ourselves to talk about.

The entrance tunnels are necessary because Disneyland is surrounded by a berm some twenty feet tall (60 if you include the subterranean portions) that is intended to keep the outside world hidden from within the park. Walt Disney realized that guests would have to get past the berm if they wanted to visit his park, which left six options:

  1. Lower the berm to ground level (which would kind of defeat the purpose),
  2. Let guests climb the berm and run across the train tracks, giving them the thrill of possibly having to avoid a hurtling hunk of impending steam-powered death and discouraging the use of strollers,
  3. Build a bridge over the berm, and then a second, taller berm to hide the bridge,
  4. Install windows on the berm so guests could at least see what they were missing,
  5. Put a crocodile filled moat, barbed wire, and perhaps a mine field outside the berm just to make sure nobody got in so Disney and his friends could always have the park to themselves, or
  6. Build a couple of tunnels through the berm.

For a variety of reasons, Disney eventually chose the latter option.

A bit of trivia: as a cost-cutting measure, the berm was not built up around Disneyland. Instead, the park and the city surrounding it were lowered.

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