Disneyland Tour: Lilly Belle private railcar

Lilly Belle private railcar

A special car was added to one of the Disneyland Railroad trains in the early 1960s. It is described by the Disneyland experts on Wikipedia thus: “Observation Coach #106 — the ‘Disneyland Railroad Presidential Car- — was obsessively refitted by Disneyland cast members as a private ‘parlor’ car in blindingly shiny red lacquer, gold leaf filigree, and delicate pinstripe hardwoods. Its opulent interior had a red plush velvet floor, chairs and love seats delicately hand carved without the use of tools, fancy hand-stippled wallpaper, an ornate beveled glass ceiling, gold-fringed red-velvet teacups, antique marble books, and photos of the car’s namesake: Walt Disney’s wife Lillian’s favorite fairytale character Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.”

Although it once operated as an official car for entertaining heads of state (such as the Emperor of Japan and King Brian of the little people) and was used in such celebrations as Walt and Lillian Disney’s anniversary and various Mousketeer bar mitzvahs, today is is accessible only to certain Disney Corporation executives, select celebrities, and guests who just keep begging and whining and begging and whining and just won’t shut up to the point that conductors really have no choice but to give them a ride in the special car (after hog-tying and gagging them, of course).

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