Disneyland tour

We’ve been spending quite a lot of time recently on the sequel to Liar’s Guide to Disneyland, which we hope will serve as a lame excuse for our recent lack of posting. To get us back on track, we decided to take some of the copious knowledge that we use on our patented Disneyliar’s Tours of Disneyland (which we provide free of charge to anyone who happens to be at Disneyland when we are and who doesn’t avoid us after we start talking) and turn it into a virtual tour of the park.

To make this happen, we walked through Disneyland, experienced a couple of attractions, and took photographs of anything we thought was of interest. Beginning tomorrow, we intend to post a photo every weekday, along with our commentary. At that pace, the tour should be over some time in October 2012, making it even longer than Disneyland’s famous "Building Disneyland in Realtime" tour.

We also hope to post occasionally about current Disney news, but what we would really like is the opportunity to turn our vast Disney data warehouse to use answering questions from our readers. If there’s something about Disney parks, film, history, or legends that you are interested in — and you aren’t overly concerned with veracity and associated details — please e-mail it to liar@disneylies.com. Selected questions will be answered on the blog. Assuming that we get any. And that they make sense. And that they aren’t just poorly disguised bundles of abuse from Dreamworks employees.

So we’ll see you tomorrow for our first exciting tour stop — the Mickey and Friends parking structure!

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