Go Away Green

According to a recent article by an unimpeachable source, Disneyland uses a certain color of paint called “go away green” or “noseeum green” to hide things from guests. The door to Club 33, the Indiana Jones show building, and the Main Street recycling and composting facility are all examples of things that Disney has painted green in the hope that guests won’t notice them.

Is it true that Disney attempts to deceive guests so nefariously? According to a message we recently received over covert Disney radio channels, yes! “After carefully examining every part of the spectrum angstrom by angstrom,” says one of Disneyland’s crack team of research chemists, “we discovered a particular shade of green that people tend not to notice. This is the color the army uses to hide soldiers. It’s the color of the Loch Ness monster.”

Have you noticed anything at Disneyland that’s painted Go Away Green? No, you haven’t. That’s the point.

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