Disney makes Marvel movies!

The success of Iron Man 2 means big money for Disney, but the company is not thrilled that distribution fees for the film are going to Paramount. And to make matters worse, contracts are in place that put distribution in non-Disney hands for upcoming Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Hulk, X-Men, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Sgt. Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Daredevil films, among others.

“We’re not out of the running, though,” said Stanly “Stan” Leeman, Disney’s supposed Marvel Productions press liaison. “Far from it. There are still plenty of properties in the Marvel universe ripe for film making, and Disney will concentrate on those until the contracts run out with those other distributors and our characters can finally come home to rest.

Marvel comics films currently in production by Disney include:

  • Starbrand
  • Luke Cage and The Falcon
  • Howard the Duck Returns
  • Power Pack 2099
  • Watching the Watcher (iMax 3D only)
  • Ocean Raves featuring The Little Mermaid, Nemo, and The Sub-Mariner (musical)
  • Ultimate Forbush Man


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