Lost peition lost

The Around Disney blog has an article looking at the recent online petition to have Disneyland’s Frontierland converted into “Lostland” as a tribute to the soon-to-be-defunct television show. Quoting (very) loosely from the post, “The petition gained a lot of signatures, but ultimately went nowhere. It broke up while in the air, never to be seen again, possibly eaten by a smog monster or polar bear or something.”

A Disneyland spokesperson speaking on condition of antimony tells us that the petition lacked the broad appeal necessary to convince Disneyland that it was worth more than the paper it wasn’t printed on. “That didn’t have to be the case,” said the spokesperson. “We’ve listened to online fans in the past, such as when we canceled plans for the ‘Rapping Abe Lincoln’ overlay on Main Street. And we’re still listening. There’s a current online petition demanding a course of action that we are in fact moving forward with (I’ll give you a hint — the oldest attraction in the park may soon be Betty White).”

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