“it’s a small war”

A few hours ago, Disneyland Today’s Twitter stream included the following comment: “If all the Disney characters in ‘it’s a small world’ waged war on the original dolls, they’d be outnumbered 10 to 1.”

If this is indeed an official statement from Disney, then it is highly significant for two reasons. First, it is Disney’s first admission that the original “it’s a small world” characters are not Disney characters! How can this be? Who owns the rights? When do they expire? Are there tiny, highly repetitive, mind-numbing royalties to be paid?

And second, this is also the first time that Disney has admitted that the Disney characters within the attraction do indeed intend to wage war against the innocent singing children! Certainly, rumors of this kind of insurrection have been flitting about Fantasyland like so much confetti after a parade-float explosion, but until this time there has been no verification. Could this be the reason that guests are so carefully searched for weapons before entering the park? Does it help shed some light on the violent ejection of the Country Bears after building tension between them and the Song of the South critters? And was “iasm” really the inspiration for the movie Child’s Play”? We have no idea. Only time will tell. Post your updates in the comments!


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