DisneyLies Official Best & Worst: Past Disneyland Attractions


  • Adventure Thru Inner Space: A perfect example of how you can fit a major attraction in a very, very small space.
  • Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland: Who can forget the rainbow-flavored cavern or the Fess-Parker-shaped cactus?
  • The Flying Saucers: Novel and thrilling! (Too bad they caused cancer.)
  • Carousel of Progress: This massive animatronic presentation taught the science of electricity to a whole generation of kids. It was replaced by the (sadly short lived) Carousel of the Feynman Lectures in Physics.


  • Rocket Rods: It turns out that a vehicle powered by army-surplus rockets just won’t stay on the old PeopleMover track.
  • Mike Fink Keel Boats: So named for their tendency to “keel over.”
  • Skyway to the Parking Lot: Unless you parked right next to it, really not all that convenient.

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