DisneyLies Official Best & Worst: Disney Guests (from a cast-member perspective)


  • A family of well-adjusted individuals who have had plenty of rest, know what they’re doing, have intelligently budgeted both their time and money, and actually exist.
  • The friendly man who, for his 80th birthday, celebrates by buying churros for everyone then goes to City Hall and files a report about how wonderful all the cast members have treated him.
  • People who ask questions that are reasonable and that you actually have a chance of knowing the answer to, but that you haven’t heard every minute of every day since you started working at the park.


  • Kids who think that costumed characters are robots and/or unable to feel pain.
  • The guy who shows up at Jedi training with his own sword.
  • The snooty woman who throws a piece of trash on the ground and then checks how long it takes a cast member to pick it up.
  • Relatives that you signed into the park who then expect you to do them special favors and give them big discounts all day.
  • People who fall asleep dreaming of massive insurance payouts and visit the park hoping against hope that they’ll be injured.
  • The man in the bathroom who asks where the nearest bathroom is.
  • The screaming, abusive, anti-social lost child.
  • That child’s screaming, abusive, anti-social parents.
  • Annual pass holders who are such know-it-alls that you wish they’d just stay at home and annoy people on the Web.

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