Cantina de San Angel squared

Construction walls are up and Disney World’s Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion’s Cantina de San Angel restaurant is expanding. According to a blog that purports to be from Disney but is filled with spelling errors and hosted in Russia: “Cantina de San Angel is just too popular for its current size. Over the course of the next few months, the restaurant will double in capacity and be renamed ‘Cantina de San Angel^2’ — pronounced ‘Cantina de San Angel to the power of dos’. In keeping with the new theme, flavor, portions, prices, and wait times will also be doubled.”

To accommodate the new, larger restaurant, the Mexico Pavilion’s pyramid will also be expanded, receiving a second peak. Said someone near the construction site who was holding a hammer, “This is exactly how the Mexican natives would have done it, if they had thought of it, which they didn’t.”

The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros attraction will also be doubled in length, becoming the Gran Fiesta Tour^2 Starring the Six Caballeros (of which four of the caballeros will be Donald, because there was so much excitement the last time he was added to the attraction). The decision to rename the attraction is already a bit controversial, particularly amongst mathematicians who point out that three caballeros squared is nine caballeros, not six, and the caballeros should also be squared if you want to keep your units consistent.

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