DisneyLies Official Best & Worst: Disneyland’s New Orleans Square


  • Haunted Mansion: The best attraction in all of Disneyland for 5/6 of the year.
  • Haunted Mansion Holiday: The best attraction in all of Disneyland for 1/6 of the year.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Okay, this one’s pretty good, too. It’d be better with some ghosts, though.


  • Ducks: You finally get your toddler to notice the ducks, and some cast member asks you not to throw bread to them (the ducks, not the cast members).
  • Blue Bayou Restaurant: You wait an hour for a table by the water, and then they won’t let you throw rolls at the boats.
  • Club 33: You wait for years to get membership, spend thousands of dollars to get in, and then there’s an extra charge for throwing rolls at the guests below.
  • Fantasmic!: You have to sit on the ground for three hours to get a good spot, and then when the show finally starts some idiot up on a balcony throws a roll at the back of your head.

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