The Other Side of Mickey

Even though his version of Alice in Wonderland hasn’t even hit the big screen yet, rumors are flying about Tim Burton’s desire to darkly remake yet another Disney classic. If word on the street is to be believed (and, as usual, it positively, definitely is), Burton will be turning his creative eye toward “Steamboat Willie.”

“Burton will retell the classic story from Pegleg Pete’s perspective,” says some guy we ran into at the grocery store. “It’ll be a full-length feature film, and the first ever to be recorded entirely in 3-D sound. It’s not clear whether Johnny Depp will be playing Pete himself or perhaps simply cameo as the cow with musical teeth.”

Filming of Steaming Willie is said to be scheduled to begin in 2014, after Burton finishes the first run of his live-action stage musical version of Frankenweenie.

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