“Flooding” clarification

There is currently a photo on Twitpic claiming to show Disneyland’s Main Street flooded by today’s rains. However, this is incorrect — Disneyland’s fine drainage system can more than handle a little torrential rain. Rather, this photo shows Disney engineers in the process of moving the water that had previously been in the Rivers of America (which has been drained to facilitate refurbishment work) being moved from its temporary storage place in the old Tom Sawyer Island fort to its newly readied storage facility in DCA’s former “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” building.

Remember, just because you see a picture of something on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true!

One Response to ““Flooding” clarification”

  1. DLCM says:

    Uhhhh no! It flooded on main street. The superior drainage you speak of tends to get clogged by leaves and parade confetti every so often, and if they were in fact gonna move the water from the rivers of America to a (lmao) holding location in California adventure they definitely wouldn’t have paying guests wading through it carefree.