Disneyland imagineering updates

Our spies deep within Disney imagineering have, at great risk to life and limb, brought us a pair of exciting updates on issues of interest to all Disneyland fans!

First, many of you are likely aware of the online petition to transform Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island into The Lost Experience on Tom Sawyer Island. According to our source: “There is no way that Disney would turn such an iconic piece of real estate into a tribute to an ABC show, even one that is so beloved. Walt Disney himself did that, by opening an entire park based on his Disneyland TV show on ABC, and we don’t dare try and duplicate his incredible success for fear of jinxing ourselves.”

This means that you can also forget about that Scrubs Tower of Terror petition.

Second, last, and foremost, new details have been uncovered regarding Star Tours II, which will begin construction later this year! The completely reworked new attraction will feature something that fans have been clamoring for — multiple possible outcomes! The new story will involve a Star Tours flight 815, an inter-planet transport that breaks apart during a routine flight, crash landing on a deserted tropical planet more than 1,000 light years off their course so there is no chance of rescue. All appears peaceful at first, but then strange noises are heard from deep within the foliage. Will the crash survivors survive???

From there, many possible endings are, um, possible, including those involving such exciting elements as a strange smoke monster, an out-of-place-seeming ravenous polar bear, a rebel scout who has been trapped on the island for 16 years, cryptic flashbacks, and strange ewok-like natives referred to only as “the others”. “Originally,” said our secret inside source, “the idea was that guests would be on a three-hour Star Tour and crash on a desert island where there would be wacky adventures involving the captain and his bumbling first mate, a rich couple that had brought all their money with them in a big trunk, a holo-movie star, and the rest, but the idea just evolved from there.”

We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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