Rivers Refurb

If you’ve visited Disneyland recently (today, for example), you may have noticed that the Rivers of America is currently hidden from prying eyes by a gigantic, electrified construction wall, the likes of which would have made Hadrian drool. What you might not know, though, is that the wall is there to hide significant work being done on what many consider to be the dampest part of the park.

Improvements to the River area that will be carried out over the next few weeks include:

  • Adding additional animatronic animals (mostly ducks).
  • Raising Tom Sawyer island 3.2 inches to help counter the effects of erosion.
  • Gathering particularly thick slime from the river bottom. (This will be weaponized and shipped to Afghanistan.)
  • Converting the Mark Twain from diesel to hybrid power. The gorgeous paddle wheeler will be able to run on batteries when cruising, and switch to its diesel engines only when the batteries need to recharge or when passing or accelerating to freeway speeds.

By the way, the Princess and the Frog show will continue multiple daily performances during the refurb, despite cast members complaining that without the boat they have to stand in the mud.

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