Happy new year! Get back to work!

Disneyland waved goodbye to the holiday season and says hello to 2010 without so much as pausing take a breath. The park was open until two in the morning on New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Day for the pedantic), but before the firework smoke had even begun to clear after midnight, crews were hard at work transforming the park for the post-holiday season.

“I could hardly believe it,” said one guest whose comments we are making up from whole cloth, “they actually paused the show in the opera house right in the middle so that they could take the beard and red suit off Lincoln before letting things continue. I think it’s possible to be a little too efficient.”

Similar comments were heard from guests who saw Santa’s reindeer get their paychecks and pink slips, or were told to, “Hurry up and eat that candy cane or get out of the park.”

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