2010 Disney Trivia Challenge

We hope you’re ready for the 2010 Disney Trivia Challenge, because it’s pretty much the only thing we’ve managed to get done around here in months. It’s worth the wait, though — the quiz is so tough, we haven’t seen anyone get more than 5% correct!

2010 Disney Trivia Challenge

4 Responses to “2010 Disney Trivia Challenge”

  1. TimNRA757 says:

    Funny as always! Nice to see you’re around anyway :). I gotta say I honestly don’t know if the one about fatalities and the monorail is appropriate considering… Just saying…

  2. Mike Folf says:

    This test is fake.

    I typed in DCA is ‘fun’ and it said correct.
    I typed in that it was ‘crap’ and it also said it was correct.

    What gives?

  3. Liar says:

    Good point about the monorail. I’ve changed the question.

  4. TimNRA757 says:

    Thanks Liar… I was there that night when it happened, it wasn’t pretty.

    Oh and Mike, it’s a joke dude, have a Magical Day!