The team spent the weekend in repeated viewings of Disney’s latest film, Earth. This is certainly a marvelous effort on Disney’s part, and we had a few comments:

  • First and foremost, this is by far the best computer animation that Disney has produced! It’s superior even to Pixar’s best efforts. The animals looked positively real (with the exception of some “birds of paradise” which were just too ridiculous to be believable).
  • Although the common theme of appreciation for nature was strong, it would have been better brought through if the plot were more linear. This felt a little too much like a Tarrantino film in terms of plot line.
  • We saw the film at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood, California, and very much enjoyed the little pre-film presentation in which some of the film’s stars were introduced to the audience (the penguins were particular favorites, but honestly we could have done without the starving polar bear).
  • Disney apparently intends to make a whole series of these films. If they go through with that promise, we suggest that they a) come up with some better names for the main characters (having three characters named “Mom” was confusing, even if they were all different species), and b) try not to be so depressing! Okay, “circle of life,” we get it — but why so many cute animals getting eaten? Wasn’t Bambi enough?


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