Another Pirates ghost!

Our Official DisneyLies Photo Correspondent reports that the new ectoplasmic filter on her camera has one again produced startling results! Look carefully in the below photo:

Could this be a real photo of a ghost in Disneyland\'s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction?

Do you see the blue figure toward the right of the photo? Well, that’s not an animatronic pirate — it’s a glowing creature from beyond the veil of death!!! (or perhaps a wandering cast member.)

So far, there is no possibly worldly explanation for the appearance of this figure. Those of you who think you have ready explanations are clearly, obviously misunderstanding what the phrase “no possible explanation” means.

Certainly this puts to rest any doubts about whether or not Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is haunted. But why is it haunted? Are the spirits of the copious workers killed during its construction angered by the insertion of Pirate-movie characters into their previously relatively non-commercial realm? Do they return from the realm of death to torture those who take flash pictures? Or does this lonely phantom simply “wants the redhead”? Who knows?????

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One Response to “Another Pirates ghost!”

  1. Ghost? says:

    Haha!!! It’s photoshopped Haunted Mansion Caretaker from graveyard scene))
    If you want to find ghosts in DL you may find it in the end of THM, an crying little boy, and Cast member ghostess from Innoventions. $_$

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