Disney Animation 2010: Rapunzel

With the 2010 release of Rapunzel, Disney will only have four common fairy tales left to make feature films out of (The Princess and the Pea, Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Plato’s Republic). Knowing that they are nearing the end, Disney is pulling out all the stops on this one, using cutting-edge computer animation and filming the entire production in something called Hair-O-Vision.

Originally, Rapunzel was to be titled Rapunzel Unbraided, but an episode of Mythbusters dealing with the usefulness of hair for climbing proved that braided hair was actually stronger than unbraided hair, climbing wise, and if Rapunzel was going to have braided hair, they couldn’t advertise that she would be unbraided (for legal reasons).


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  1. Oh wow, I love Disney and just to say my opinion, I don’t think Black hair is the the same as brown hair; there are only like three I think; (Belle, Megara (my fav) and Jane) Same as the blondes but Disney makes sure they are all different which is what I really like! Also, (its funny that Kayli is only two above me and i didn’t think anyone else was going to bring it up) I would love Disney to to The Twelve Dancing Princess; that is a Grimm Fairy Tale I really remember. And I know another company made Thumbilina (I know I spelled that wrong sorry) which I thought was amazing but I would love to see a Disney version too. Also I want to see Rumpelstiltskin and maybe a fairy tale I remember with the three guys as the main characters where they take turns going on a mission or something and the youngest gets the bees to help him, idk it was cool though. Oh! And what about Blue Beard…or you what i’m talking about right? That was a good one too but lol Disney wouldn’t be able to make that one. (It’s too violent) Then again, the original Cinderella was too…just saying 😀

  2. Just Me says:

    I know it’s not a romance – but Hansel and Gretal would rock! With Disney’s famous ability for adapting the classics into something completely wro-ummm…different, well, they’d do great with Hansel and Gretal. I’m in COMPLETE agreement for the 12 Dancing Princesses. Let them up their game and see what they’ve got with that one! I hate this computer animation stuff. Wish they’d just go back to 2-D where everything seemed more magical.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I agree with TammyCharmaine on a lot of those. I’d love Rumplestiltskin as a Disney film. Another good one is White Bear-King Valemon, and there are many others that would take up many pages…

  4. icarus says:

    oh, they have plenty of fairy tales left, in my opinion ;D

    but mythbusters totally showed disney!

  5. Janalyn says:

    There’s a lot of great stories that are lesser known (I don’t know why), such as The Twelve Huntsmen, Brother and Sister, Jorinda and Jorindel, King Thrushbeard, and The Goosegirl at the Spring. And that’s just the Grimms!

  6. laura says:

    i think Hansel and Gretel would be good to see and Rumpelstiltskin as well as the 12 dancing princesses. I wouldn’t want to see little Red Ridding Hood seeing as so many people have done that one. I mean, eventually it would be cool but I think they should wait at least a generation. :\ Also, there are SOOO many more popular tales that they could do. Personally, I would love for them to do The Nutcracker. But some other popular ones are: The Tin Soldier, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Gingerbread Man, Puss in Boots, and The Red Shoes.

  7. Angela says:

    I’m excited about Rapunzel! I would love to see Rumplestiltskin, 12 Dancing Princesses, and Puss In Boots among others….. There is also a fairy tale about two sisters named Snow White & Rose Red and a prince tuned into a bear that they rescue. The prince falls in love with one of teh sisters. That would be a traditional Disney story. I agree with “Just Me” about the 2-D animation ~ the classic Disney just had a more magical feel to it!!

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