Disney Animation 2010 Toy Story 3 3D

Although by the title you might think that you are mistaken for thinking that this is Toy Story 3in 3D, it actually is. This is Pixar’s second Toy Story sequel, and the end of the first Toy Story Trilogy.

In this installment, Buzz has come to accept the fact that Emperor Zurg is his father but seeks a retreat to commune with the little green aliens so that he can focus his mind and resist the Zurg’s temptations as he tries to get Buzz to join Dark Starcommand.

Meanwhile, Woody and the rest of the gang have ventured into the neighbor’s yard where they plan to blow up a satellite dish because they mistakenly believe that it emits signals that protect Zurg’s unfinished Nurf space station from attack. But it’s a trap! Only with the help of a group of wild, weed-dwelling Care Bears can our heroes escape.

After this film, Pixar plans to take a lengthy break from making Toy Story sequels, after which they will complete the trilogy of TS prequels in which we see each toy’s incredible assembly-line origin and learn that Sid (from Toy Story 1) is really only one boy out of an army of toy-abusing child clones.

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