Disney Animation 2010: Toy Story 2 3D

Although by the title you might think that this is Toy Story 23, it isn’t. Instead, it’s Pixar’s original Toy Story sequel with a special pair of glasses and greater storytelling depth. The story has been thoroughly revised to take advantage of the new visual technology. This time around, Woodie discovers that he was once the star of Wood’s Roundup 3D, a three-dimensional television show in which buildings and plants painted on wooden flats seem to jump out of the screen. This film will be notable for adding three new three-dimensional characters to the Toy Story pantheon: Jessie (a yodeling cowgirl), Bullseye (a horse named after a steak sauce), and the Prospector (sort of a fat, bearded combination of Santa Claus and Hitler).

The rerelease of this film in 3D is scheduled for February 12, 2010, to coincide with Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday 3D.

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