Disney Animation 2009: Tinker Bell — Much Ado About Neverland

This 2009 direct-to-video release finds Tinker Bell causing mischief for her friends from Peter Pan. It seems that one of the Lost Boys has “kind of a thing” for Wendy, and when Peter Pan promises to tell Wendy about it and save his friend embarrassment, Tink tells the lost boy that Peter is really trying to date Wendy himself. Everything get worked out in the end, and Wendy and the lost boy decide to get married.

Board of waiting for Wendy’s wedding, Tink hatches a plot to make Captain Hook and Tiger Lily each think that the other is in love with them. But because both are too proud to fall in love with each other, Tink relieves her boredom by helping a couple of malcontents ruin Wendy’s wedding. Further hilarity ensues.


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