Disney Animation 2009: Up

This Pixar film, slated for release May 29, 2009, tells the story of Carl Fredercksen (Ed Asner) who has lived a hard-working life dreaming of escaping the newsroom he manages and traveling the Earth, getting drunk in taverns all over the country. But at age 78, Carl doesn’t have much chance of living his dream — or does he?

But then Russell (played by newcomer Jordan “Grape” Nehi), a Wilderness Explorer (sort of a Boy Scout/Junior Woodchuck hybrid) stops by the see if Carl would be interested in buying a few boxes of his Explorer Cookies. The two soon discover that the sugared dried fruit in the cookies can be fermented into a delightful adult beverage, and their subsequent flight from authorities takes them across the globe in an epic of drunken proportions.

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