Disney Animation 2008: Bolt

Disney’s 2008 Christmas release will hit the big screen this year just before Thanksgiving. The story revolves around title character Bolt (voiced by John Travolta), a dog who is a big star first in a TV sitcom in then in disco-themed movies. But Bolt falls on hard times — his career is in the dumps and he can’t get a job bigger than providing voiceovers for puppies that are to young to speak for themselves.

Then one day Bolt is approached by a member of the Church of Smellatology, a group that says they all dogs’ problems are related to ancient smells left behind by space-alien dogs that were dumped into volcanoes thousands of years ago. Bolt joins their crazy cult and is almost immediately contacted by long-time fan and director Quentin Terrier who asks him to costar in a new film, Pup Fiction. The film is a huge success (largely due to a cult following that enjoys Terrier’s dialog — particularly Bolt’s speech about what dog biscuits are called in France) and Bolt is back on top

Or is he? You see, the Church of Smellatology is demanding that Bold make a film of their leader’s novel Boneyard Earth, and there’s a new Smellatologist star on the horizon — the rambling, couch-jumping Jet (voiced by Tom Cruise).


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