Disney Animation 2008: WALL*E

WALL*E, Pixar’s next animated feature, is scheduled to be released on June 27 at the 28th Annual Vegas Appliance Convention. The film stars voice actors Kenny Baker as the title character, and Sigourney Weaver as a spaceship crewmember desperately trying to convince everyone that WALL*E has acid for blood and is threatening to eat her cat.

Despite its rudimentary capitalization and unconventional punctuation, WALL*E is predicted to be a big hit with robots, androids, Al Gore, and the like. In fact, even though the movie is yet to be released, demand for WALL*E toys is so high that you likely won’t find a single on at your local Disney store (and, if you wait a little longer, you may not find your local Disney store in your local Disney store, either).

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