Julie Andrews event change

There’s been a last-minute change to today’s visit of Julie Andrews to Disneyland. The actress will still be signing copies of her new autobiography, but because of a recent minor muscle strain she will not be performing her usual martial-arts demonstration. Guests who wish to have their copy of her new book autographed and then snapped in two with one mighty blow from her dainty hand will be accommodated, however.

Andrews hopes to be back in “fighting condition” by the end of the month when filming begins on Grandparent Rumble, in which she costars with her long-time sparring partner Chuck Norris.

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One Response to “Julie Andrews event change”

  1. "This is my Real Name" says:

    Did anyone go to the event today? I meant to go, but I got distracted by all the fun over at DCA, and just couldn’t leave. (Security over in that park is really nice – apparently, they’ve never had to escort anyone out before.)

    I’ve loved Julie ever since I saw her in Bedknobs and Broomsticks – and I thought her cameo as the nannie in Enchanted was a really sweet touch. And who knew that Julie could sing? “The Happy Medicine Song” was the highlight of the movie- I don’t know why that song from August Rush won the Tony instead.

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